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Doberman Pinscher

the only breed bred for protection




Queen Indica Blue has had her 3rd litter. 


If you have any questions about future litters contact us for more info at 325-372-1018  325-372-8587. Email us at annreyes@centex.net/chrismunoz1225@gmail.com We appreciate your time.


We do $500 deposits to reserve a dog in your name. DO NOT place a deposit if you’re not 100% sure you want the dog. Deposits are typically nonrefundable. And when we reserve your dog we turn down all other offers. If you feel uncomfortable about sending a deposit we have a list of references and happy costumers you can speak with.


As of 2021. Limited AKC Males will be $1600 and Limited AKC females $1800.


Contact info:

325-372-1018     325-372-8587




Richland Springs Tx