Smoke Stack
Sire: Ryder Lincoln Zollinger
Dam: Rumor Leigh Maney
Whelped: 8/10/2021
Eye cert & hips info

Call Name: Smoke


Pedigree of ” Princess Pink Smoke Stack “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Ryder Lincoln Zollinger Herr Friend Bear Goodfellow Chief Whabee Goodfellow
Princess Grace Of Campolla
Sweet Honey Bee Buzz-Buzz Chief Whabee Goodfellow
Sweet Polly Purebread III
Rumor Leigh Maney Garrison’s Rumble Of Blueline Blauelinie Eragon V. Donner-Tal
Blauelinie Sichereit
Patience Garrison Of Glory Hound’s Megyesi’s Cowboy Butch Cassidy
Glory Hound’s Black Pearl Of Rubicon